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Optimise your hospital fundraising strategy with digital solutions

​​How the healthcare sector can benefit from digital solutions in their fundraising plan to increase hospital & research funding


Who is iRaiser?

iRaiser is a French SaaS solutions provider, helping charities raise funds from the general public. Founded in 2012, we have more than 750 clients in 18 countries worldwide. In France alone, we support more than 400 not-for-profit organisations. Including 42 of the 60 biggest French associations like Restos du Coeur, Ligue Contre le Cancer, Institut Curie, Médecins du Monde, Médecins sans Frontière, to name a few. So far, our clients have raised over 2 billion euros for different causes. And over 17 million transactions have been processed on our online fundraising platforms.

One sector where we have seen a rise in digital transformation since COVID-19 has been the hospital and medical sector. Today, various university hospitals, hospital foundations, and research centres that belong to the Unicancer network (a network of French hospitals 100% dedicated to the fight against cancer) use our fundraising platform to raise funds from the general public.

Some of our clients include:


What fundraising solutions do you offer to hospitals?

Hospitals and research centres are developing more and more fundraising initiatives aimed at the general public. While these structures tended to seek funds from companies, laboratories and major donors, there is now a real boom in raising funds from individuals. This follows the example of charities and foundations in other solidarity sectors. 

Similar to the international emergencies sector, poverty, animal welfare or environmental protection for example. In fact patients, as well as their friends and families, seek financial support for the institution that took them in or cared for their loved ones.

With our fundraising tools, our clients in the health sector offer a white-label, easy-to-use, online donation form with secure payment methods for a quick and pleasant donation process.


At iRaiser we offer a comprehensive set of solutions to meet the needs of all types of nonprofits, and support their fundraising efforts. For example, some clients also use our crowdfunding platform to finance specific projects (a medical research project or the purchase of equipment for example).

Our Peer-to-Peer fundraising solution is effective for personal fundraising pages or fundraising events where supporters appeal to their personal network & raise funds on behalf of the charity. And our CRM solution helps manage prospects and a nonprofit's donor base.


Quick and easy setups for emergency campaigns

For hospitals, like for the rest of our clients, the set up process of a fundraising campaign using our tools can be very quick. The necessary elements to put the solution online are very easy to gather and two to three hours are enough to implement the solution, and launch a donation page.

On our end, we can start a fundraising initiative in less than 24 hours. This was the case for several clients during the Coronavirus pandemic. In just 3 months, we helped many charities surpass their fundraising goals, and raise over 80 million euros for various different causes.

Has the Covid-19 crisis, and the wave of generosity we witnessed, changed your activities and the requests of your clients in the healthcare sector?

Since the start of the health emergency, the requests have been even higher. Hospitals are overwhelmed by donations of goods but also financial donations. Individuals wish to thank the hospital staff mobilised in the fight against Covid-19 and to fund medical research. Some examples are the initiatives launched by the Fondation de France and the AP-HP, the One-O-One Fund, or the Necker Hospital.

The pandemic has put the spotlight on public hospitals’ need for private funding and is causing an unprecedented outpouring of generosity from individuals to health institutions. Will this continue even after the health crisis? Only time will tell. But it is likely that in order to sustainably fund medical research, medical care and the improvement of facilities and working conditions in hospitals, sponsorship strategies will have to turn more towards individual and private donors.

As a digital player in fundraising for nonprofit organisations, iRaiser wishes to support hospitals and health institutes even more in these developments. We have the expertise and the solutions that are essential for the health sector to raise funds from the general public and finance their projects in a secure & sustainable way.