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Increase monthly giving through advanced Mobile Payments


Charities can secure more monthly donations with MobilePay subscriptions available on IRaiser's fundraising solutions.

In today's digital age, using advanced payment options, especially mobile payments or mobile wallets, has become essential for not-for-profits. By incorporating mobile payment options, non-profits can expand their donor base, increase conversion rates, and boost their fundraising efforts. The convenience of mobile payments allows donors to make contributions from anywhere and at any time, resulting in a more streamlined donation process.

Additionally, donations through a mobile device can also facilitate recurring donations, enabling non-profits to secure ongoing support from their donors. With the ever-increasing shift towards cashless transactions, not-for-profits that fail to adopt mobile payment options risk being left behind. Therefore, embracing advanced payment options, such as MobilePay, is a must for not-for-profits looking to enhance their fundraising efforts and increase their impact in the community.

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MobilePay available for easy integration on iRaiser's donation forms

monthly-giving-mobile-payments-iraiseriRaiser is proud to announce that organisations will now be able to raise even more recurring donations with MobilePay Subscriptions on iRaiser’s solutions. All the benefits from the MobilePay interface now allow you to collect monthly gifts in a simple, secure, and efficient way. By integrating MobilePay into your donation process your donors will benefit from the optimised user experience.

Most importantly, they will also be able to donate monthly in one-click via all types of smartphones, directly in the MobilePay app.


Key benefits of using MobilePay Subscriptions are:

  1. Follow each donors’ act of giving step by step, this way you can quickly react if a recurring donation is rejected.
  2. Get full flexibility, you decide the payment period and date.
  3. Get lower transaction prices.


Your donors can sign-up for recurring monthly donations with one quick swipe in MobilePay, and the donations will continue coming in month after month. The donor will not have to go through the process every time they want to give. This provides them with a positive donor experience, and can consequently increase conversion rates.


Some quick tips to encourage supporters to become regular donors

Not sure how to motivate one-time donors to commit to giving monthly? Here are three easy tips to motivate supporters to sign up for monthly giving with MobilePay:

  • Emphasize the Convenience : One of the best ways to motivate supporters to sign up for monthly giving through MobilePay is to emphasize the convenience of the payment process. Highlight that they can easily, and securely, make their donation with just a few taps on their mobile phone, eliminating the need for checks or mailing in donations. This seamless process can encourage supporters to commit to a recurring donation through the mobile payment platform.

  • Provide Impact Statements : Donors are more likely to continue their support if they see the impact of their contributions. Share stories or statistics about the difference their donations have made to inspire and motivate them to continue their monthly giving through MobilePay. These impact statements can help supporters feel connected to your cause and committed to supporting your organisation on an ongoing basis.

  • Offer Exclusive Benefits : Consider offering exclusive benefits to supporters who sign up for monthly giving with MobilePay. These could include special access to events or hands-on experiences with those they help with their gift, early-bird access to merchandise of your charity, or even personalised communication from your organization. By offering these additional perks, you can show your appreciation for their commitment and encourage them to stay engaged with your organisation in the long-term.

Interested in integrating MobilePay or other advanced payment methods to your donation forms? Talk to one of our experts today, and see how you can quickly set them up and start improving the way you fundraise? Chat with one of our experts!

About iRaiser

iRaiser is Europe’s leading white-label fundraising software company for nonprofit organisations. By using iRaiser's fundraising platform, charities, hospitals, education institutions, museums, political parties and religious groups can vastly improve the effectiveness of their fundraising initiatives.

iRaiser’s platform includes online donation forms, peer-to-peer fundraising, event fundraising, crowdfunding, marketing automation and CRM. In short, iRaiser provides nonprofits with software tools that enable them to better engage their community and raise more money for their cause.

iRaiser works with more than 750 top charities in 18 countries across Europe such as WWF, Red Cross, Doctors Without Borders, Unicef, Greenpeace, and Oxfam to name a few. Since 2012, iRaiser has helped organisations raise over €2 billion in funds.

For more information on MobilePay, visit MobilePay FAQ Center