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Community Fundraising Platform: +20 features to raise more

Community Fundraising Platform: +20 features to raise more

As a not-for-profit organisation, you understand the importance of mobilising your community to achieve your fundraising goals. Whether it's crowdfunding, charity events or peer-to-peer campaigns. These channels have one thing in common: they engage your supporters by putting them at the heart of your fundraising strategies.

If you're looking for innovative ways of exploiting these different donation-gathering levers, you've come to the right place!

Wondering how you can engage your supporters, increase their support for your cause and collect more donations online? That's where iRaiser's Community Fundraising Platform comes in! Specially designed for charities, this online fundraising platform offers a wide range of features to boost your online fundraising campaigns and make them easier to manage.

In this article, we look at the features offered by the platform. We'll also look at examples of how different non-profit organisations are using it to raise funds:

1. An overview of the Community Fundraising Platform

2. Focus on 10 key features for easy fundraising

- E-ticketing system

- E-shop feature

- Fundraising badges

- Automatic personalised emails

- Donation rewards & gifts

- Company Matching

- Strava achievements module

- Registration fees for charity events

- Coupons and discount codes

- Flex Editor


An overview of the Community Fundraising Platform

Imagine a 3-in-1 digital platform combining crowdfunding, peer-to-peer fundraising and event fundraising, all in one powerful tool.

That solution is the Community Fundraising Platform! It not only allows you to centralise and simplify the management of your campaigns. But also offers your supporters a smooth and engaging experience.

The platform offers more than 20 advanced features to push your fundraising potential. Wondering what the key features of this digital fundraising tool are? Let's take a look at 10 of the most popular ones:

Focus on 10 key features for easy fundraising


Boost registrations for your charity events with an e-ticketing system

Thanks to the ticketing functionality of the Community Fundraising Platform, you can simplify the management of registrations for your events! You can also offer your participants a smooth and pleasant experience!

With e-ticketing, you can provide your registrants with a unique code and QR code for scanning, streamlining the check-in process at the event and making participant tracking smooth and effortless.

Are you looking for inspiration for your event fundraising and would like to discover some original fundraising ideas? Check out our guide, 13 fundraising ideas for charities!

Allow your fundraisers to buy products with your brand, thanks to the e-shop feature

For your supporters, organising a peer-to-peer fundraiser in your name is a fantastic way of helping your cause. With the help of social media, they spread awareness and involve their own network (family, friends, etc.). Increasing your chances exponentially of recruiting new supporters and potential donors.

How about offering them the chance to purchase t-shirts or other items with your organisation's logo when they sign up? You can offer kits with meals, drinks, and other items for participants to fully enjoy your event.

You'll be offering them a tangible way of showing their support while generating additional funds for your donation platform-4


Add a gamification element with fundraising badges

Gamification uses game-like elements in non-game situations to engage users, motivate action, and increase participation.

With this feature, you can set up badges that are unlocked when your fundraisers reach certain targets. For example, when specific amounts have been raised, or when specific numbers of donations have been received. 

This feature allows you to reward your fundraisers' achievements with virtual badges! Creating a recognition system that makes their fundraising journey more enjoyable. Motivating them to be even more involved and spread the word with their friends and family.

digital fundraising-4

Nurture lasting relationships with your fundraisers with automatic personalised emails

With the Community Fundraising Platform, you can create and programme automatic emails to thank, activate or inform your supporters.

Personalised automatic emails are used to thank fundraisers or provide them guidance during their fundraising efforts. They help increase engagement and forge long-lasting relationships with fundraising platform-4

Reward your donors generously with incentives and recognition

Consider offering token gifts to your most modest donors, or larger rewards for those making more generous contributions.

On the Community Fundraising Platform, managing the logistics of these gifts is easy, thanks to the integrated rewards management tool.

Offering rewards is a tangible way of involving your donors and showing recognition. This can help strengthen their loyalty and commitment to your cause. Would you like to identify a few best practices when thanking your donors? Read our article and discover 13 original ways to say thank you!


Collaborate with companies, with Matching Giving programmes

By working with companies, you can multiply the impact of each donation! The principle is simple: you partner with a company that offers to "match" donations to your charity. This can double or even sometimes triple the funds you collect. 

With the Community Fundraising Platform, you can easily take advantage of company matching. On the platform, you can provide companies with their own dedicated fundraising campaigns.

You are also able to define the terms of the matching gift program. For example, a "start donation" for every individual campaign or a calculation of 2x, 3x more than what the individual gives. You can even provide them with tips to get their employees more involved.

collect donations-4

Integrate the Strava achievements module for even more engagement!

Get your fundraisers to share their achievements. Thanks to the achievements module and Strava integration, your fundraisers can share updates directly on their fundraising page, while supporting your cause!


Set up registration fees for your charity events

Planning to host a run or any event where you need participants to pay a registration fee? No worries—our Community Fundraising Platform has you covered!

This feature not only facilitates the easy setup of registration fees for events, thereby opening a straightforward revenue stream, but it also enhances participant engagement through a seamless sign-up experience. Leveraging such functionalities, charities can effortlessly manage event registrations, ensuring a smooth operation from start to finish, all while bolstering their fundraising efforts.

fundraising pages-3

Have you heard of the Rose Triathlon? Created by the ARC Foundation for cancer research, this charity event brings together thousands of athletes in 5 French towns. In 2023, the association raised almost €545,000 for breast cancer research last year! Check out how they were able to set up a seamless registration process for their fundraisers using the Community Fundraising Platform.


Maximise engagement with coupons and discount codes

Now that you've mastered setting up registration fees, you may encounter situations where offering discounts is advantageous. Whether it's to honor your most loyal supporters, engage local newspaper readers, or use it as a promotional tool, our Coupon Feature is here to help. With the Community Fundraising Platform you can create various discount codes and distribute them among your targeted groups.

This approach not only engages and rewards but also significantly boosts participation, ensuring your campaigns reach their fullest potential and resonate deeply with your community.


Make content creation easy with the Flex Editor

Content creation is essential for generating interest and commitment from your online community! That's why the Community Fundraising Platform offers a library of ready-to-use elements, enabling you to build your website effortlessly.

The Flex Editor gives you a wide range of customisation options, so you can adapt your website to your non-profit organisation's image in just a few clicks!




You've read it: the Community Fundraising Platform offers a wide range of advanced features for engaging your community, boosting your impact and maximising your donations. The points covered in this article are just a glimpse of the many features you can explore on the platform! Imagine the potential your online charity fundraising can reach with this tool!

Our online donation platform has the best features to help boost the success of your fundraising efforts. You can use it for charity events, crowdfunding campaigns, or empowering fundraisers to create their own initiatives.

To find out more about Community Fundraising and how it can help you exploit the potential of peer-to-peer, crowdfunding and event fundraising, read our article! You'll learn how to maximise the engagement of your online community and turn every interaction into a conversion opportunity.