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9 charities that raise funds through Community Fundraising

Have you heard of the Community Fundraising Platform? It's a new type of fundraising that allows your charity to have a 360 approach, and connect with a broader audience of donors. In today's world, relying solely on an online donation form is no longer sufficient. This digital fundraising tool empowers you to launch peer-to-peer charity events, crowdfunding campaigns, manage event registration and participation, and orchestrate email campaigns—all in one comprehensive platform.

In Belgium, a growing number of nonprofit organisations are using iRaiser's 3-in-1 tool as part of their charity fundraising strategy to mobilise their communities, boost fundraising and turn their charitable projects into reality.

In this article we highlight some of our new Belgian clients, and how they are using the platform in creative ways to improve their fundraising. Take a look at their different fundraising ideas to organise charity events, engage supporters, and reach more people.


1. Télévie / FNRS: raising funds for cancer and leukaemia research

Télévie, in partnership with the FNRS, supports cancer and leukaemia research in adults and children. Since its launch in 1989, the movement has raised 241 million euros and funded 2,840 researchers.

Through peer-to-peer online fundraising, many generous souls can call on their network to raise funds for Télévie. Some supporters participate in fundraising events like the 20 km of Brussels to raise money for the charity. Others create their own online fundraising events, such as sporting challenges or in-memoriam campaigns, to support the Télévie initiative. 

Learn more about these initiatives on their charity fundraising platform! By using iRaiser's Community Fundraising Platform, Télévie has been able to extend their reach to new potential donors. They have also involved their supporters in new ways with their vital cause.

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2. WWF Belgium: raising funds to protect nature and biodiversity

You've probably already heard of WWF, the international organisation committed to protecting the environment and biodiversity, present in over 100 countries.

In Belgium, WWF uses iRaiser's Community Fundraising Platform to encourage supporters to raise funds for its cause. As individuals or in teams, many fundraisers create their own fundraising pages for iconic sporting events such as the Brussels 20 km.

On their charity's landing page, we can see lists of the top fundraisers and teams to inspire and encourage more online fundraising." People who create their own fundraising pages can easily share them with loved ones. This helps spread the word for a cause that is important to them.

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3. Raising funds to fight child poverty: the Viva for Life initiative (CAP48/RTBF)

Viva for Life is a solidarity campaign launched by the CAP48 organisation, in partnership with RTBF. Its aim is to combat child poverty, providing invaluable assistance to many families and children living below the poverty line.

The initiative has raised over 8 million euros in 2023, funding 185 projects!

Viva for Life has found the Community Fundraising Platform a valuable tool for amplifying its online fundraising efforts. On the digital fundraising platform, supporters are encouraged to collect donations on a peer-to-peer basis, by organising their own fundraising campaigns. Peer-to-peer campaigns can take many forms: sporting challenges, gaming, animation, crafts, etc.

Are you already familiar with peer-to-peer and want to take your strategies further? Read our article: 9 tips to boost your peer-to-peer campaigns.

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4. Karama Solidarity: collecting donations to help communities become self-sufficient

Karama Solidarity is a Belgian humanitarian organisation dedicated to empowering the most vulnerable communities. The association establishes development projects in 8 countries, while directly involving the populations concerned.

The association has chosen iRaiser's Community Fundraising Platform to broaden its impact and mobilise more supporters. From sporting challenges to creative workshops, supporters can create their own fundraising pages on the online platform. Through these pages they collect donations for the association. Click here to check out their platform!

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5. Médecins du Monde Belgium: Doc'Riders, the team sports challenge to raise donations

Médecins du Monde is an international medical organisation dedicated to providing vital medical assistance to vulnerable populations. The organisation is behind the Doc'Riders event, a charity sports event during which teams embark on a cycling tour.

To participate, each team must reach a fundraising target of €1,500. On their Community Fundraising Platform, teams can register and create their fundraising page. Then, they can appeal to their friends and family, for example by making a request for donations on social media.

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6. Les Amis des Aveugles: collecting online donations to support the visually impaired

Les Amis des Aveugles is an association dedicated to supporting visually impaired people in Belgium. Their activities include guide dog training, social support, Braille transcription, white cane distribution and therapeutic care.

The organisation made it possible for people to donate money on their website to help visually impaired individuals. Supporters can also organise their own events to raise funds for this cause.

Using iRaiser’s community fundraising platform, the association is able to engage their supporters like never before. They are able to raise funds effectively for their cause.


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7. Belgian Red Cross: making the Brussels 20 km a fundraising event

The Red Cross helps people in need by providing emergency medical assistance, relief, and essential health services.

In Belgium, the Red Cross has successfully integrated iRaiser's Community Fundraising Platform into its efforts to raise funds for the iconic race, 20 km of Brussels.

The association provides athletes with an online fundraising platform to help them collect donations from their networks.

In taking part in this initiative, participants not only take up a sporting challenge, but also actively support the humanitarian actions of the Red Cross. Helping to guarantee a positive impact for those in need.

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8. Humundi Race: an all-out sporting challenge to raise funds for the fight against hunger

The Humundi Race is organised by Humundi (formerly SOS Hunger), a Belgian NGO committed to fighting hunger and poverty in rural areas.

The association has launched the Humundi Race, a sporting and solidarity event taking place in the heart of the Belgian Ardennes. Participants take part in a team challenge, combining three activities: walking or trail running, kayaking and zip-lining.

Participants are invited to collect peer-to-peer donations for the association. But Humundi also enables companies to take part in this sporting challenge! For local companies, it's an opportunity to foster team spirit through team building. While also boosting their Corporate Social Responsibility.

On the online platform dedicated to the Humundi Race, companies can register their teams and easily discover all the terms and conditions of participation.


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9. King Baudouin Foundation: raising funds for the common good

The King Baudouin Foundation is a Belgian organisation working to promote a better society in Belgium, Europe and worldwide. It acts as a driving force for change and innovation in the public interest.

Its online platform provides peer-to-peer fundraising for a range of projects. From cleaning up rivers to putting young jobseekers in touch with mentors to help them find work.

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As you can see, iRaiser's Community Fundraising Platform is much more than just an online donation platform. This comprehensive solution offers charities a platform for putting their supporters at the heart of their fundraising activities.

Our Community Fundraising platform empowers charities to organise events seamlessly by allowing your charity to sell tickets and manage participants, ensuring smoother fundraising experiences. Think sporting challenges, music festivals, virtual fundraising ideas and events, anything is possible through the powerful tool.

In a world where every big or small donation counts, our corporate matching gifts feature amplifies impact. Encouraging corporate partnerships and doubling donor contributions for increased support.

The platform fosters supporter engagement by enabling easy sharing of campaigns. Allowing to raise awareness by empowering individuals to lead their own fundraising initiatives with easy-to-use tools and resources.

The results are more than positive for these 9 organisations. Thanks to peer-to-peer, event fundraising and crowdfunding, these associations have amplified their impact. Even more, they have strengthened their relationship with their local community! 

Wondering how the Community Fundraising Platform places your communities at the center of your fundraising efforts and amplifies your impact? Read our article!